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Partners in Ministry

Local Partners

Chicago, Illinois


ACES is Rhinelander's Association of Churches for Emergency Support. It is the gathering of Rhinelander churches to show the love of Christ in tangible ways to those in need.


Marquette, Michigan


Crystal Falls, Michigan


The purpose of ACES is to coordinate emergency aid, use a pool of funds, draw a connection between the Rhinelander area churches and public service agencies, and to divide the administrative tasks that come with providing such aid.

Click on the button above to go to the ACES website.

Opened in 2005, the RAFP is a non-denominational, tax exempt 501c 3 non-profit organization. The RAFP relies almost exclusively on volunteers. The RAFP is able to assist each needy family 


every 14 days with four to six days supply of food. This is an average of about 79 pounds of food per visit.

The Rhinelander area homeless shelter.

Our Sister Church

Africa 399_2.png

Over the years Immanuel has supported mission churches within our Synod, supported worldwide projects and has partnered with the vibrant African church community of the Mbagala Lutheran Church of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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